The Family school London is lucky to have a team of highly skilled and committed governors. The Chair of the GB, Mary Target, can be contacted via the school office - 0203 693 4911; 1-15 Bradley Close, White Lion Street, London, N1 9PN;

The Governing Body is as follows:

Mary Target Chair
Expertise Mental Health and Therapeutic Intervention
Attendance – 3 from 3

Neil Dawson Vice Chair
Expertise Education / Child MH
Attendance – 5 from 6

Nigel Smith Serving Executive Head
Expertise AP, Special Education and Headship
Attendance – 1 from 1

Ros Bidmead Chief Operating Officer at AFC
Expertise Finance & Operations
Attendance – 5 from 6

Peggy Ray Chair of Achievement Committee
Expertise Legal and Child welfare
Attendance – 6 from 6

Pierre Gosseling Chair of the Finance Committee
Expertise School Finance
Attendance – 5 from 6

Stephen Taylor Ex Officio Head Teacher
Attendance – 6 from 6

Anthony Scrafton Assistant Head teacher – Staff Governor
Attendance – 3 from 3

Laura Davies Assistant Headteacher – Staff Governor
Attendance – 3 from 3

Nazma Khanom Parent Governor
Attendance – 1 from 1

Annual Reports:

Family School Accounts 2014

Family School Accounts 2015

Family School Accounts 2016

Governors’ Pecuniary Interests

The Family School Funding Agreement

Family school Articles FINAL 18 8 14 as agreed with DfE

The Family School Challenge Partners Review

GB Terms of Reference and Sub Committee Structure

Ofsted Report 2017

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