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Governance and Compliance

Pears Family school is lucky to have a team of highly skilled and committed governors. The Chair of the Governing Body is Mary Hepworth and she can be contacted;
Postal address:
Pears Family School Centre of Excellence,
4-8 Rodney Street, Islington,
London, N19JH.
Tel: 020 3693 4911
Email: reception@thefamilyschoollondon.org

The full Governing Body meets four times a year. Attendance of the Governing Body from September 2018 to August 2019 is as follows:
Ross Bidmead (4/4), John Cape (2/2), Neil Dawson (3/4), Pierre Gosselin (3/4), Stephen Taylor (2/2), Peggy Ray (4/4), Anthony Scrafton (2/4), Matthew Hillman (4/4), Wayne Llewelyn (0/4) - Associate Member, James Bennett (2/2), Rebecca Cockcroft (1/2), Mark Martin (1/1).

There are also the Premises and Human Resources Committee and Achievement and Welfare Committee, which also meets at certain points throughout the academic year.

Governors and their attendance at the Premises and Human Resources Committee:
Pierre Gosselin - Chair (4/4), Ros Bidmead (4/4), Neil Dawson (4/4) and Matthew Hillman (4/4).

Governors and their attendance at the Achievement and Welfare Committee:
Peggy Ray - Chair (2/2), Matthew Hillman (2/2), Brenda McHugh (2/2) and Mary Hepworth (2/2)

*Please note that the accounts for Pears Family School 2018-2019 are finalised in November 2019.


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