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Pears Family School is set to grow over the next 4 years to eventually teach 48 students. As we increase our numbers so our teaching team will grow.

Pears Family School Team

Currently our committed permanent staff team consists of Matthew Hillman Headteacher; Will Ross Deputy Headteacher; Faye Howard Deputy Headteacher; Andrew Thompson Phase 4 Teacher; James Bennett Behaviour for Learning Lead; Theresa Taylor Phase 3 Teacher; Katy Robertson Phase 3 Teacher and Assistant SENCO; Rebecca Breedon Phase 2 Teacher; Maya Bell-Kholi Phase 1 Teacher; Iain Isacsson Teaching Assistant; Esther Darko Teaching Assistant; Ima Rahman Teaching Assistant; Neena Arab Teaching Assistant; Huseyin Yilmaz Teaching Assistant; Rebecca Ellis Teaching Assistant; Linda Hooper Business Manager; Kenton McCusker Premises and Catering Manager; Emma D’Argenio Admin Assistant.


Brenda McHugh and Neil Dawson are the co-founders of the school. They are contracted to provide Clinical Lead and Multifamily Therapeutic Support

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