MP Karen Buck Visits AFC

Karen Buck MP visited the AFC last week to support the Centre’s work in sponsoring and opening the Family School.

In addition to meeting the School team and AFC Executive she also met some parents and children who currently attend the Marlborough Family Education Centre will transfer to the Family School.

The Westminster MP has been a long standing supporter of the schools work and the day provided an opportunity for her to hear directly from families.

The parents and children described their experience of family group work and how they had seen a transformation in themselves

One boy said: “We children can’t change on our own, our parents have to change too.”

The meet and greet was followed by a presentation on the new family school by head teacher Stephen Taylor.

Karen is extremely supportive of the Family School and committed to championing the Family School  to ensure that the School opens in the Autumn and is given every support to care for the minds of some of the most vulnerable schoolchildren in London.

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MP Karen Buck Visits AFC