Curriculum Overview

At The Pears Family School our approach to the curriculum is student-centred, ensuring we develop a varied curriculum to meet the needs of our students. They come to us from across Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 and from a wide variety of commissioning schools following varied curricula.

Our students are often struggling to succeed and are disengaged from their learning. We recognise that when our students leave us they will need to be able to reintegrate easily back into their mainstream schools and to go on to be successful in this environment. In order for this to happen, we must unblock any barriers to learning and ensure that they have made rapid academic progress. We therefore need to provide a curriculum that is relevant and accessible, but which has the breadth and depth for them to rapidly improve their literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills. We aim to provide a curriculum that enables students of all abilities to make progress, and which is flexible enough to be delivered over short or longer-term placements.

All students are set challenging and achievable academic targets on entry. These targets are based on:

  • Age and Key Stage
  • Current attainment
  • Prior attainment and tracking data as supplied by referrer
  • Outcome of initial baseline assessment carried out at the Pears Family School

These targets are communicated to all stakeholders and inform teachers’ planning.

Ensuring rapid progress against starting points in literacy and numeracy is a key aim of our school. In line with research we see the development of these core skills to be essential for successful reintegration and wider educational progress. This need is increased by the large number of students we receive who have a history of underachievement.


Our curriculum covers the following subjects

The Pears Family School uses Google Docs for Education to provide a flexible, bespoke and accessible cloud-based learning platform for students. All students access their platform via their login as part of the Student Hub on our website. Students are able to shape their own learning platform, adding relevant learning apps based on their own interests and aspirations.

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