Meet the Team

We aim to put family at the heart of Pears Family School but it is the PFS staff that work hard to create an environment in which students and their families can thrive. Our team is made up of talented practitioners, passionate about education and supporting children to succeed. Each and every one brings their own unique set of skills and experiences, contributing to a diverse ecosystem that can adapt to each student's needs.

Senior Leadership Team

  • Matthew Hillman


  • Maya Bell-Kohli

    Teacher Phase 2 & Assistant Head SENCO (Primary)

  • James Bennett

    Deputy Headteacher

  • Laura Lower

    Head of Care, Mental Health and Safeguarding Lead

PFS Founders

  • Neil Dawson

    Consultant Psychotherapists & Co-founder of PFS

  • Brenda McHugh

    Consultant Psychotherapists & Co-founder of PFS

  • Stephen Taylor

    Founding Headteacher

Brenda McHugh and Neil Dawson are the co-founders of the school. They are contracted to provide Clinical Lead and Multifamily Therapeutic Support.

The Wider Team

  • Linda Hooper

    Business Manager

  • Alex Louca

    Teacher Phase 4

  • Kenton McCusker

    Premises and Catering Manager

  • Yaminah Reid-Morgan

    Teacher Phase 3

  • Jack Temple

    Teacher Phase 1

  • Andrew Thompson

    Teacher Phase 5

  • Rebecca Breedon

    Head of Curriculum

  • Cesar De Mello

    Teaching Assistant

  • Angela Gregory

    Teaching Assistant

  • Iain Isacsson

    Teaching Assistant

  • Aaron Lewis-Welch

    Teaching Assistant

  • Nick Nash

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mohan Panchal

    Minibus Driver

  • Ima Rahman

    Teaching Assistant

  • John Robertson

    Receptionist & School Admin

  • Jordan Thompson

    Teaching Assistant

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