• Welcome

    Welcome to Pears Family School website. We hope you find these pages useful. Very often parents and carers don’t know what to expect when they first attend a school like ours. So let us see if we can shed some light on what you can expect as a parent or carer of a child at PFS.

    A PLACE FOR PARENTS AND CARERS Firstly, you will receive a warm welcome from us and we will take the time to get to know and understand you and your child. We want to hear from you what you think would be needed in order for us to establish a personalised learning and social curriculum … Continue reading Welcome
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  • Parent Handbook

    Parent & Carer Handbook 2023
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  • School Calendar

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  • School Lunch Menu: Spring & Summer 2023

    Pears Family School Lunches are provided by CATERLINK ABOUT US:   We are proud of our food heritage which demonstrates our commitment to traceability of the meals we serve. Our meat main meals are freshly prepared on site and made with Red Tractor/Farm Assured fresh meat whilst our suppliers are audited by an external body to … Continue reading School Lunch Menu: Spring & Summer 2023
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