Welcome to Pears Family School website. We hope you find these pages useful. Very often parents and carers don’t know what to expect when they first attend a school like ours. So let us see if we can shed some light on what you can expect as a parent or carer of a child at PFS.


Firstly, you will receive a warm welcome from us and we will take the time to get to know and understand you and your child. We want to hear from you what you think would be needed in order for us to establish a personalised learning and social curriculum for your child. Our aim is improve and enhance your child’s academic successes and social development.


We appreciate that the thought of your child changing schools can be daunting, and being asked to attend the school may also feel a bit strange. However, we have over 30 years of professional experience and our evidence suggests that when families come together in this way it improves the outcomes for academic and social success.


Where possible, we would like to involve you as much as possible. It is our understanding that at school you get one half of the child’s experience, at home you get the other, and if we put the two together we are more likely to understand how best to support your child’s academic and social development. We work with families and carers as we feel that it is you that knows your child best. Our aim is to develop and identify more successful strategies to help improve academic and social outcomes for your child.


During our sessions, you might be asked to consider particular issues that have arisen within the life of your child at school or at home. For example, we might ask you for your opinion on your child’s academic achievement, sporting success or ways of managing certain behaviours. There will be similarities and differences with the experiences of other parents and carers. Some of your thoughts and ideas will be useful to other parents and carers. Our experience shows that when families and carers come together to talk and share, strategies and ideas are generated which can lead to lasting positive change.


At times you may also be asked to work with your child. We do not expect you to teach them, as we have qualified staff at the school to do this. However, we have found that when children and parents come together over academic tasks or classroom activities we are more likely to overcome the barriers to academic learning.

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Understanding Multi Family Groups

What do Parents Say?

  • We asked: What were your first thoughts?
    You said: "OMG! Very nervous, suspicious and anxious."

  • We asked: What are your memories of your first day?
    You said: "I remember talking to the other parents, everyone was so friendly."

  • We asked: What have you found most useful?
    You said: "It makes children think about things they are doing and they shouldn’t do and they realise there is nothing wrong with them it’s just their behaviour", and, "My son’s behavior has been transformed and also his attitude to learning. I have been able to learn how I can help him in the future."

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