Zoo In A Suitcase

On Friday 17th December, The Pears Family School had Tim from Maynard’s Mini Zoo in a Suitcase come in for a visit. He went to each floor throughout the day and visited each class. This is what happened…

Floor 2:

It was a joy to welcome back Tim and his zoo in a suitcase to floor 2. We were so proud of students, and a few members of staff too, who were able to challenge their fears and hold animals by the end of the session that they thought they weren’t going to at the beginning of the session. It was fantastic to see so many students supporting and encouraging each other. Tim was blown away by the curiosity of the students and all their fantastic questions. What a fantastic way to end a brilliant term.












Floor 3:

Zoo in a suitcase was such a fantastic experience, not only for the students but for the adults too! Tim, who brings in all the animals along with his fantastic knowledge of the creatures, made everyone feel safe and welcome to meet and hold all of the creatures. First out to say hello was suitcase veteran, Fernando the turtle. Fernando stayed out and about for the whole duration of the session, overlooking things and making sure all ran smoothly! Shardae (who had joined Phase 3 for the hour) took a particular liking to Fernando, taking him on trips around the room and also keeping him nice and warm. I think he had a lovely time with Shardae, you could see it on his little green face! Next out was a beautiful, pink chameleon that loved to clamber over everyone’s hands. The session was moving at a slow and steady pace and then the next thing you know Aiden is stroking a very hairy tarantula, Kyron is cradling a giant lizard thing, Hamza has adopted a millipede and Josh and Merlin both have snakes wrapped around their necks! Looking around the room, every person had a huge smile on their face…almost everyone. I think it’s fair to say phase 3 TA Anthony was a slight bit jumpy around the animals (especially when the frog jumped at him!) However, Anthony does deserve a massive bit of praise as he faced his fears and held a snake, something he thought he’d never ever do. Well done Anthony and a very big well done to all the phase 3 students and Shardae for being so brave and also caring with the animals. They all said they loved the experience and would 100% do it again. A huge thank you to Tim also who was just brilliant with the students as always.


Floor 4:

The students, parents and staff at the Pears Family School had a real treat and wonderful experience this Friday, when Tim Maynard bought his mini zoo directly into the Phase 4 communal space. We not only got to see a wide assortment of exotic animals, reptiles, amphibians and giant bugs, but also had the opportunity to touch, stroke and hold them. Fernando the tortoise was a firm favourite as he motored across the tables and Tim had a wonderful anecdote about his close escape from the jaws of a fox, and how his trusty shell had saved his life. Two millipedes were produced and one was aptly named Millie by the students – we learned that just today a millipede had been discovered with, unbelievably, more than a thousand legs – making it the first ‘true’ millipede. The students showed unbelievable courage and bravery to overcome their initial fears and reservations to hold the animals. Tim did an incredible job of reassuring them, and a special mention has to go out to Phase 4 students Shani and Yassin, while Yousef volunteered himself to hold and touch all the animals, and was as cool as a cucumber when holding the tarantula and boa constrictors. All the students were flabbergasted when the juvenile Chamaeleon produced stripes on her back as if by magic, and were intrigued to learn that a Chamaeleon’s tongue can be 1½ times the length of its body. Finally, it was hilarious when the large bullfrog decided to jump and made the whole room jump too. A fabulous time was had by one and all, which was educational, interactive and fun. We’re all looking forward to Tim’s next visit!












A massive thank you to Tim for his time and thanks to all the students and staff who made this such a wonderful day!

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Zoo In A Suitcase