Walk through a Typical School Day

Here is a flavour of what you might encounter on a typical day at the school:

What are our starting points?

Students, parents and teachers talk, think and share. What are we bringing to the day? What prior learning do we have? What progress have we made with social competencies?

Where do we want to be?

Students, teachers and parents engage in developing their aspirations and targets for the day ahead.

Creating Positive Shared Learning Habits

Teachers, parents and students work together to embed reading as a habit and a skill which is developed every day.


Teachers provide personalised, differentiated and creative learning opportunities for students to develop their speaking, listening and writing skills.

Solve a problem by using numbers

Our numeracy hour takes students ‘from the known to the unknown’, identifying gaps in their mathematical understanding and igniting their enthusiasm for problem solving.

Design, Collaborate, Influence

Google Apps for Education provide a range of tools to empower and liberate student learning. Students will be able to collaborate on projects, design and use their own learning website pages and share their learning with others.

A Gym which makes you smarter

Students at the Pears Family School have access to a unique system developed for premiership footballers which helps individuals to improve their resilience, concentration, attention and vision.

Support to Change

At any part of the school day the most pressing need for our students might be to unpick, discuss or express a feeling which is blocking their progress. At the Pears Family School, students have full-time access – at the point when it is needed – to expert, qualified teachers and therapists who can help address emotional vulnerabilities and help students re-engage with their learning.

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