Learning Review or “Celebration Tea?”

All day today Laura Davies – Assistant Headteacher for Teaching and Learning, has been holding one to one interviews with each student at Pears Family School to review their learning and to celebrate their achievement.  Students were asked to discuss their learning and to explain what they needed to do to make further progress.  Laura commented that it was a highly productive day and that she had learnt so much from talking to each student.

It was noted by Mr. Scrafton – who can always sniff out food, that there appeared to be plenty of fruit and cake on hand at the interviews, leading one teacher to ask whether it was more like an afternoon tea than an interview!

Students being able to to discuss their learning and understand their next steps is key to them making rapid progress.  Ms. Davies will complete the task of interviewing every student in the school, tomorrow.


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Learning Review or “Celebration Tea?”