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School Lunches & Start Times

The early bird….

The school day now starts from 9:10am to 9:30am which provides time for those pupils who wish to have breakfast here at the school.

Pick-up time.
The school day currently ends for students at 2.30pm. This will be extended to 2.45pm in the near future but rest assured we will communicate this with all parents and carers beforehand.


Please Sir, can I have some more….

A short preamble from our award winning school meal providers Caterlink in their own words:

“At Caterlink our primary objective is to provide pupils, staff and visitors with a choice of homemade, nutritious and well-balanced meals. All our food is made fresh on-site using quality produce in line with both Food For Life Silver or Gold standards, and the School Food Standards. We have won a number of awards for using honest, local produce, including Compassion in World Farming ‘Good Egg Award’ and ‘Good Chicken Award’ for it’s commitment to source only free range RSPCA assured eggs. We use red tractor meat, MSC sustainably sourced fish products and a range of Fairtrade products. We will deliver a termly three week menu cycle, which will be developed alongside our local teams, development chefs and nutritionist with input from pupils and staff within the schools. We will offer a range of both meat and vegetarian options, as well as a daily salad bar, vegetables and a choice of two fresh breads baked on site. Freshly cut fruit and natural flavoured yoghurt will be available daily as an alternative to our homemade desserts. All our desserts are in line with lower sugar recommendations and all contain less than 6.5g of free sugars per portion. Menus will reflect the requirements and tastes of pupils and staff and will be continually monitored to ensure that menu choices encourage the highest levels of uptake.”


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School Lunches & Start Times