World Book Day 2021

World book day is not only a chance to celebrate the books, authors and illustrators students¬† love, it’s an opportunity to celebrate reading. During lockdown, where lives have been limited, without much to do, reading offers an opportunity to escape and experience new worlds without needing to leave the house. Books can engage imaginations, challenge perspectives, and inspire….and we were excited to see staff and students pull out all the stops to celebrate some of their favourite book characters this World Book Day.




This term students have been reading books that look at cultures and histories from around the world. Engaging in topics such as colonialism and climate change and exploring themes such as resilience, spirituality, community and power, students approached these themes with curiosity and maturity, responding with some great work.



Poem by a Phase 3 student


Testing for now

The sun is harsh on the vast lands of sand

The trees bleed green keeping the air clean

The snakes slither

The butterflies flutter by

The Numbats everywhere without a care

Until the rabbits came to claim our land

And the silence soon turned to violence

They came bearing gifts of food that made us sick


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World Book Day 2021