Celebrating with the Anna Freud Centre of Excellence, the school’s founding partner.


On Wednesday the 1st May 2019 we were really excited to be part of the official opening of the new Anna Freud Centre of Excellence building, it was an important event for us because the centre is also going to be the school’s new home.

It was a wonderful opportunity for our music lead Aaron to showcase the amazing music our students are creating. The shining stars presented their work to the patron and special guest of the Anna Freud Centre of Excellence, the Duchess of Cambridge. This will be the 3rd time the Pears Family School children, families and staff have enjoyed meeting the Duchess to share their stories, progress and aspirations.


 The children were busy working on their own personal music projects, when the Duchess entered their classroom, including: creating lyrics, digital music tracks and music instruments.The 6 children represented all the phases in the school, the youngest was Narriyah age 7 and the oldest was Leo age 14, they proudly sat with their families which is a normal experience because working together to produce positive change and success is the inspiration model of the Pears Family School. Leo who is now transitioning back to mainstream presented his rap to the Duchess, this was a very poignant moment as it represented his feelings and time at the school.


All the children then had a chance share their music and talk about their education experience with the Duchess who was interested and really enjoyed meeting the children, their families and the school staff.

A fantastic well done to everyone who was part of the event and for representing the school with such enthusiasm.

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