Phase 2 students, cycle for the 1st time!

The Pears Family School students enjoyed a week of Bikeability in October, at the beginning of the school year, and then again last term in March. The fun learning experience was provided by Islington Council LEA.  At first the instructors Phil and James went through the key bike safety checks with the students, Phase 3 students Kai and Reon took the responsibility of this task very seriously. They then instructed students who already had some Bikeability skills to practise riding their bike with one hand, this was a challenge the Phase 2 students Kyron and Maia quickly mastered. Happily, they progressed to the next step of practising turning by looking over their shoulder and using hand signals to communicate their direction. Some students in Phase 3 including Riyad and Leon built on the Bikeability skills they had achieved last year by meeting the challenge of cycling around the obstacle training course, laid out by Phil and James, in the park playground. Students who demonstrated the ability to respond quickly to instructions as well as control their bike proficiently on the obstacle course were given the chance to practise their skills out on the roads around Islington back streets which was an exciting and responsible experience.

Student cycles 1st time 2

What a gift! Two students Wasif and Connor in Phase 2 experienced cycling for the 1st time. After a few false starts they managed to keep their balance and cycling the length of the playground, everyone celebrated sharing in their joy. In fact there were smiles all round as the students enjoyed the uplifting experience of riding a bike with their classmates in the playground, park and on the roads. I think the biggest smile was by Kyron in Phase 2 who is clearly a very confident cyclist. Thank you Phil and James for sharing your love of bikes and for being so supportive, caring and patient with the Pears Family School students.

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Phase 2 students, cycle for the 1st time!