When the zoo came to school

What an amazing experience for the Pears Family School students when they had a surprise visit from Tim Maynard and his Mini Zoo. One by one the animals appeared out of his suitcase into the classroom. At first the students were a little tentative and calmly asked questions to find out more about their guests as they crawled and curled on the table. They found out important information from Tim, “Did you know that toads absorb water through their skin and snakes shed their skin to get rid of ticks and parasites?” he said.

Then as they became used to the animals the students started to volunteer to hold the exotic creatures and even feed them. The snakes were happy to just hang out around Riyad’s shoulders, Connor and Alex worked well as a team to look after the small green lizard, whilst Kai bravely let the tarantula crawl on his hand.

Later the students spoke about their experience, exclaiming!

“My favourite animal was the big toad because he was squishy.”

“The snake felt calming like my cat.”

“I liked the tarantula because it tickled.”

Thank you for visiting the Pears Family School Tim, we enjoyed hanging out with your Mini Zoo, please come back soon!

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When the zoo came to school